Get in the mood, naturally. Made with maca root, fenugreek and epimedium, plus a proprietary blend of hops, nettle and oat straw, to boost sex drive, increase sexual arousal, and boost energy levels so you can light that fire.
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The Details
Get in the mood, naturally, with Her Own Desire supplement. Formulated with key herbs, plant extracts and roots, Desire is designed to help boost your desire, promote sex drive and sexual arousal, and support energy levels so you can light that fire!

Desire supports balanced hormones and libido thanks to our proprietary blend of hops, nettle and oat straw. Fenugreek leaves are added to help promote increased sex drive, while maca root helps support mood and energy levels.

If you’re looking to ignite that fire in the bedroom, Her Own Desire can deliver the results you seek. These can help provide age-old remedies for the nightly challenges of the modern woman!
The Benefits
C’MON BABY LIGHT THAT FIRE. Made with fenugreek, horny goat week and an advanced blend of hops, nettle and more, the formula helps support arousal, sex drive and libido so you can light that fire when you want.

DESIRE GETS YOU IN THE MOOD. This potent libido formula featuring traditional botanicals long valued for their performance appeal will help you rev up your love life.

ENERGY & PERFORMANCE NIGHTLY. To help you perform better, it boasts time-honored herbal ingredients such as maca root that may help increase energy levels naturally and help you go the distance.
How To Use
Take one capsule daily, as desired.